Company Setup

Our interactions and experience with many foreigners and expats has introduced us to a wide variety of issues and situations regarding corporate related needs.

As every situation is different, we’ve learned to include a wide range of services when it comes to assistance starting or running a company in Romania.

While easy, the process is still highly detailed. As with most legalities in Romania, corporate structuring requires all the t’s to be crossed and i’s to be dotted perfectly.

The benefits of owning and operating a Romanian company can be great – ranging anywhere from allowing ease of residency to other benefits and incentives on financial levels.

However pitfalls do exist, particularly when the company is not set up properly. Moorcroft Services can ensure that the proper channels are pursued and that you’re aligned with the right team of professionals in the legal, accounting, and bookkeeping industries here.

• Bond Insurance
• Contract Preparation
Company Services
• Constructors All Risk
• EU VAT Registration
• Foreign Exchange
• Liability Insurance (Employee & 3rd Party)
• Payroll
• Tax Advice